Ënneschtgaass: design du milieu entre ville et centre d’art

Casino’s forecourt - rue Notre-Dame

Venue: Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, rue Notre-Dame (parvis)

The western part of the Ënneschtgaass” (rue Notre-Dame), which runs alongside the main entrance to Casino Luxembourg, has been in continuous transition for years: from a taxi park to a construction site, it has now become an undefined place - between bicycle places, delivery accesses, a shared area delimited by anti-terrorist concrete flowerpots and a wild car park.

Hence the need and urgency to rethink the place. What could a milieu-association” between an art centre (the Casino) and the city look like? How could we imagine this place in terms of relationships? Could we envisage the Casino Luxembourg leaving its walls to take over the square?

During two days of collaborative exchange on the square in front of the Casino Luxembourg, we will lay the foundations for a reflection on the possibilities of transforming this place.

Free entrance

Programme :
Friday 2 June, 2 pm: discussion forum with inProgress.
Saturday 3 June, 10 am: discussion forum with Mnemozine.
Saturday 3 June, 2 pm : discussion forum with Giacomo Piovan.

Organised by: Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain